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Quick and weighing only 530 g: The REINER 940 is a mobile inkjet printer that marks products and packaging easily and in the blink of an eye.

The rechargeable battery permits up to 1,000 imprints per charge, wirelessly and not bound to any one location. The device stores up to four print images that can be switched easily with a setting wheel. Marking takes place by rolling the REINER 940 over the surface and is even possible contact free.

Clever: Since different hand movement speeds prevent perfectly even work, integrated sensors regulate ink supply for perfect machine readable marking.

Integrated capping to seal the print head keeps ink from drying out even with longer breaks between uses.

Application images of REINER 940

Imprint:Number, date, time, text, 1D Code sequential & 2D Code, graphic
Prints from:PCset graphic, MOBILEset graphic, Word, Excel, Labelsoftware, ERP system such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Lexware
Dimensions (L x W x H ):47 x 147 x 221 mm
Weight:approx. 530 g
Data transfer:USB, Bluetooth
Storable print images:4 storable print images
Print technology:inkjet
Max. print area dimension (W x H):140 x 12,7 mm
Max. print speed:400 mm/s
Print resolution:300 dpi
Battery capacity:up to 1.000 imprints
Order No.940 000-000 | REINER 940 incl. case + ink P3-S-BK
Order No.940 000-010 | REINER 940 incl. case + ink P3-MP3-BK
Order No.940 000-020 | REINER 940 incl. case + ink P3-MP4-BK