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The Handjet 250 is an innovative industrial printer developed to provide a complete and versatile solution for wireless manual inkjet marking. Its ultra compact and light design simplifies marking and all coding (weight less than 1kg, battery and cartridge included).
Several colors and ink bases are available (acetone, ethanol and water) to suit your needs. These ink cartridges are very economical because they have a long lifespan (up to 100,000 characters).

why the Handjet...

…is not like any other! The advantages of the Handjet 250 are innumerable, so here are the most important ones.


Don’t waste time to transport your products to the printer. Bring the printer to the product! Handjet EBS-250 is easily transportable and doesn’t need big preparation.


The coder only weighs as little as five apples. Tired arms are things from the past. You can easily work for hours and you don’t even feel the weight.

Works even over head!

Hard-to-reach objects such as ventilation pipes are often accessible only overhead. The handjet prints in any position, thanks to valve technology.

Mobility, flexibility and cost reduction: EBS Handjet

EBS Handjet-250 stands for unrestricted mobility, simple handling and operational capability even under harsh operating conditions. The printer has many useful features for everyday use that make your life easier.

High efficiency due to low ink consumption and long battery life help you to significantly reduce your operating costs. See more of the Handjet’s features that will make your job easier.

Application images of HANDJET EBS 250


Housing high-quality plastic

Housing dimensions (standing position)

  • height: 226 mm
  • width:    75 mm
  • depth:  259 mm


Weight 980±10 g – the printer with a battery and full ink container, without a power pack and cable.


Number of printhead 1 

Working position any

Nozzle diameter 

  • 150µm as standard
  • 120µm, 170µm, 200µm optionally

Connections Bluetooth

Required inactive time none, the device can run uninterruptedly till the battery has to be charged


Either synchronised with rotational speed of the lower guide roll or at time intervals by an internal generator regardless of the printer travel rate during printing.


Type of ink 

Ink available in easily detachable containers with bayonet fixing. It is made on the basis of alcohol, acetone, MEK or water, in various colours (among others in white, yellow, blue, green, red or black) to be ordered from catalogue. 110 ml is enough to print about 100 000 characters with 7×5 pix matrix or about 17 000 characters for 16×10 pix matrix.

Ink color  monochrome, in one ink colour.

*) note –  the manufacturer reserves that:

the range of available features, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have negotiated

working temperature from +5 to +40°C (from 41 to +104°F) 

Power supply with build-in batteries

Approximate operating time 

50 hours of non-stop printing at the temperature of 20°C (full battery), automatic low battery indication,


  • Automatically via an external DC 24V, 1 A power pack
  • Charging time – aproximately 150 minutes (2.5 h)
  • Number of charging cycles: 500 (up to 70% of initial capacity)


Print height  from 7 mm to a maximum of 27 mm (depending on chosen font)

Maximum dots 5 to a maximum of 16 

Maximum number of characters per text

1300 (along with control characters, if the printer’s built-in fonts are used)

Number of texts and print parameters sets stored in the printer’s memory at the same time

  • from 1 to 10; texts are loaded into the printer via a PC
  • optionally from 1 to 30

Variable fields 

Date and time in any format, including expiry date/period of service, incremental or decremental counters, universal counter (of subassemblies, pallets, meters, etc.)

Number of lines: up to 2, if a 7×5-dot matrix is used for the 16-pixel print-head

Character size (matrices) 

  • 5×5, 7×5, 9×5, 9×7, 11×8, 12×6, 12×7, 14×9, 16×10, 16×14
  • various combinations of font types and sizes can be used and are only restricted by the type of print-head or specifically the parameter MPH, the maximum print height

Special characters 

Diacritical national characters, graphics characters for information, warning, handling or other purposes